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Final Fantasy X-2; what is the best garment grid, dressphere combo; User Info: cashmoneybigh. cashmoneybigh 13 years ago #1. topic. GT:alex7191. User Info: Gamer2127. Gamer2127 13 years ago #2. Highroad Winds, Cat-Nipped Gunner. I don't know, that's the only one I bother using. User Info: TJF588. TJF588 13 years ago #3. Agree'd on Highroad Winds and/or Mounted Assault (I think that's it; it's. Guide on optimal Garment Grid setup and ability learning order [FFX-2] Like the title says, are there any good guides on optimising the garment grid and which abilities to learn early on? < > Showing 1-7 of 7 comments . P'tangYangKipperbang. May 29, 2016 @ 1:55pm Garment Grid setups? Use whichever grid gives you defence boosts, or even that one with First Strike. And use 3X Alchemists as soon.

I think that the Unearring Path Garment Grid is the best, because you only have to switch once then you can pull out your special dressphere. It makes it a whole lot easier. If not that, I like to. Garment Grid (リザルトプレート, Rizaruto Purēto?, lit. Result Plate) is an invention in Final Fantasy X-2 used to harness the power of a dressphere. Characters equip them to use dresspheres in battle. A Garment Grid has several empty nodes for dresspheres and grants innate abilities to the user, such as Defense and Strength. To change dresspheres, one must move from the current node.

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Click here for a guide on the best Garment Grids. Nerd Reactor. Dresspheres. The Final Fantasy series is famous for its turn-based gameplay, and FFX-2 is the same, but with some slight differences. Usually in the FF series, there is a growing party of several playable characters that can be switched during battle. However, this isn't possible in FFX-2. Instead, the player can collect. Final Fantasy X-2 - Garment Grids. Garment Grids are used to harness the power of Dresspheres. Each Garment Grid can be customised by placing Dresspheres in empty nodes. To enable a sphere change during battle, the two Dresspheres you want to switch must be adjecent to each other on the Garment Grid and be linked by a path

since: Dec 2002. Apr 2, 04 at 9:35pm (PST) ^. re: Rare Garment Grids. Covenant of Growth: Double Ap & EXP. Defeat Frailea in the Last Cactuar mission. The End: Break Damage Limit, Break Hp Limit. Garment Grids. Garment Grid/Equip/Gates/Location. First Steps: None: None: Start With: Vanguard: Str +5, Mag +5: Str +5, Mag +5: Watch Shinra's Tutorial on Garment Grids: Bum Rush: Str +10, Mag +10 : Str +10, Mag +10: Chapter 2 - Celsiuis: Steal 3 Syndicate Uniforms: Undying Storm: Str +15, Mag +15: Str +15, Mag +15: Chapter 3 - Mi'ihen: Defeat more Machinas than Al Bhed: Flash of Steel: Str. You'll get Enigma Plate Garment Grid as a reward for completing this mission. The Gunner Reach the highest level (LVMAX) in Gunner's Gauntlet Now keep replaying Gunner's Gautlet until you reach MAX level (2800 points required), sounds like a tedious task but don't worry, there's a small glitch that can make the things very easier. Before doing the below, get to level 6 in Gunner's Gauntlet. The creatures you raise can equip Garment Grids and also obtain a number of Auto-Abilities as a result. In this section you will see a table listing abilities with their effects that are applied to the monsters. Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove Ads. Ability Ability Effect Note; Abominable: Ribbon : Immunizes you from most ailments [Stat Change] Strength +10, Magic +10, Defense +10, Magic.

Once you have finished this mission, you'll get a Healing Wind Garment Grid. You can also find out about FFX-2's Sphere Break minigame here. Go to the stadium and then to the lower basement on the. A Garment Grid is very much like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X in that you place little markers down to learn abilities for dress spheres, allowing the characters to use special abilities from other classes or have a stat boost during combat. When you change into all Dress Spheres on the Garment Grid during the course of one battle, you'll be able to use your special Dress Spheres She sets out on a journey to find him, with help from faces old and new, only to discover the mysteries run deeper than she ever thought possible. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Final Fantasy X was Tidus's story; X-2 is Yuna's. The world of Spira may have changed, but we are with you every step of the way! The. One of the most compelling aspects of Final Fantasy X-2 is the Dressphere and Garment Grid system. The opening moments of the game teach you the basics, so instead of repeating those instructions we're going to cut right to the good stuff. There are 16 dresspheres in the International edition of the game and 3 special dresspheres: one for Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Below we've listed each of the.

Garment Grids allow you to switch between jobs. There are numerous Garment Grids scattered around the game, each one possessing a different path. A Garment Final Fantasy Groundz >>> FFX-2 >>> Garment Grids Page 2: FF Groundz Counter: Content: To Acquire: Go to Luca and participate in Shelinda's interview. Answer 'Whatever' from the upcoming choices. Instant Abilities: No Equip Effects Granted Abilities: Osmose & Drain: Covetous- 3 Nodes Chapter II: Garment Grids Page 2: Continuing from Convenant of Growth: To Acquire: Get Open Air to level 5 in. Note: If Dust has any problems with this, I'll take it down as I seem to have forgotten to ask for permission to steal and modify. Introduction and a Brief History: FFX-2 is the world set after FFX, where Si

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The Lady Luck is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2.It is obtained in Luca either in Chapters 3 or 5 by defeating Shinra at Sphere Break.It is easier to beat Shinra in Chapter 3 due to an increased difficulty for his match in Chapter 5. Lady Luck uses dice and slots to attack the opponent, as well as attempting to boost the amount of gil, experience, or items earned from battles Ffx-2 samurai's honor garment grid guide. FFX-2 features a new, unique system of charatcer developement and combat called the dressphere system. Dresspheres are small spheres that fit into a Garment Grid. When a charatcer equips a Garment Grid, she can then equip any of the dresspheres placed on the grid. A character can also perform a spherechange during battle. Each dressphere enables the.

Why FFX-2 is better than FFX - last post by @ Feb 2, 2005 Just finished FFX, now starting FFX-2--Differences - last post by @ Dec 15, 2009 FFX-2 info(for newbies to FFX-2) - last post by @ Mar 20, 2004 Impressions of FFX-2 - last post by @ Jan 11, 2003. Categories: Final Fantasy X-2; Equipment ; Last edited by Tifabelle on 15 July 2015 at 09:06. What links here Related changes. Printable. 2. Go to the place with alot of pillars (the place where you fight Kimahri on FFX). Climb on top of the very first pillar on your right. 3. Take a left immediately when you enter the beach and. Ffx 2 publicity and matchmaking guide. Ffx 2 publicity and matchmaking guide. You need tips for each and matchmaking guide wiki final fantasy x-2 - chapter 1. You go using the remaster: amitié, the best ending for women looking to people everywhere you can play a 100% completion. Walkthrough, if you're playing how do i hook up my ilive sound bar. FFX-2: 2 Fragen. Themen-Optionen. Druckbare Version zeigen; Thema weiterempfehlen Thema abonnieren Seite 1 von 2 1 2.

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